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Chef Raul Thomas


At Raul's Catering Service, we can help you design and plan your ultimate event. From selecting the facility to choosing the menu, tap into Chef Raul’s over 22 years experience to make your event a…Read more

Personal Chef Experience

Now you can take advantage of a talented professional to prepare your meals on a customized individual basis. Meals can be prepared in your home or office right in front of your eyes! Or, we…Read more

Cooking Classes

Let’s face it – cooking can be FUN! And learning to cook with Chef Raul is an experience that you will never forget. Chef Raul, will take you through the entire cooking process from shopping…Read more

Restaurant Consulting

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an experienced one, there is nothing like working with a professional to ensure the success of your venture. Knowing the intricacies and details of making a successful restaurant…Read more

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