“Comida Latina, Comida Criolla!” con Chef Raul

“Comida Latina, Comida Criolla!” con Chef Raul

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Let’s face it – cooking can be FUN!  And learning to cook with Chef Raul is an experience that you will never forget.

Chef Raul, will take you through the entire cooking process from shopping for ingredients to chopping onions and whipping up a fantastic dessert. You will learn tips and tricks that only the pros know.  Surprise your family and friends with your newfound culinary talent. And, Chef Raul is the one who can help you nurture and bring that talent to fruition.

We do individual, small group and group classes either at our professional kitchen in Atlanta or at your location anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area.

Imagine you’ve selected the date.  Your once in a lifetime event is beginning to take shape. The guest list is almost done. The excitement and anticipation is building. There is just one piece of the puzzle missing to make your event successful and unforgettable – the food.

Watching OVNLatino “Cocinando Suave with Chef Raul will make you a chef in no time. Chef Raul will teach you to create a unique Puerto Rican dining experience that your guests will long remember and talk about for years.

This award winning chef with over 23 years of culinary experience has the knowledge and expertise to work closely with you to create some of today’s most wonderful dishes, from Arroz Con Pollo to Paella Chef Raul will add his special flair and show you how to work within any budget.

Join us for Season 3 in 2014 as Executive Chef Raul Thomas brings you more shows on preparing Latino Cuisine.  Also follow him in his travels to  some of Atlanta’s best restaurants, conducting exclusive interviews with some of the best Latino Chefs in Atlanta, across the country and Puerto Rico.

Once you seen Comida Latina, Comida Criolla! con Chef Raul, you will become an expert of fine Latino cuisine.

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